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The new has launched its beta editioni and we’re looking for amazing fire/rescue service photography and content to showcase from across the globe.

Please submit your photos and other content via email to [email protected], include a 1-2 sentence description, your name and confirmation you took the photo or have rights to submit it to us for your department, etc.


What We’re Looking For:

  • News, Videos & Photos: Have a news tip, link or press release? Posted a great video on YouTube? Send it along to us ASAP and we will consider posting. Please include as much detail as possible.
  • Apparatus/Fleet: Send us one or more photos of one or more units, include make, model, year, any extra description, department name and location. The more photos per unit the better!
  • Incident Shots: Send one or more photos of fire, rescue and EMS incidents — include the department/location name, brief incident overview and date.
  • Crew Shots: We’ll be featuring crews regularly — include your department name and location, shift (if applicable) and any other information about the photo and why your crew should be showcased to the Firefighters Worldwide community.
  • Firehouse Kids: Have a great shot of your son/daughter at the firehouse, in your gear, newborn shot or otherwise? Send it along with your name, description and department name/location.
  • Tattoos/Body Art: Want to showcase your style? Send us one or more pics of YOUR body art/tattoos along with any meaning behind it — with your name (first name OK), location and any other information you’ve like to share.
  • Community Events/Fund Raising Having an Open House or Health event? Got a great shot of the fire truck and members interacting with the community at any event? Send one or more photos along with date, description, department name and location.
  • Around the Firehouse: Have something cool going on at the firehouse? Send us the pics along with department name, location and description.
  • The Firehouse/Department: We’ll be showcasing departments regularly, send us a selection of photos of your firehouse inside and out (including people & vehicles!), along with department name, location, web site URL, Facebook page link and more.
  • Patches & Seals We’ll be showcasing your department and unit patches regularly — please include the department/unit name and location.
  • More, More, More: Have a great fire service related photo to share? Something creative you’ve done with your phone, Instagram or otherwise? Send it along with a description, date, department name and any other relevant information.



Dallas Prudencio, aged four, follows his father Mark Prudencio to teach a class about Fire Safety to his older brother’s classroom. Firefighters Worldwide Fan Photo Submitted by Sonya Prudencio

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Please submit your photos via email to edi[email protected] and stay tuned for the launch of Be sure to join us on Facebook at




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