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The new has launched its beta editioni and we’re looking for amazing fire/rescue service photography and content to showcase from across the globe.

Please submit your photos and other content via email to, include a 1-2 sentence description, your name and confirmation you took the photo or have rights to submit it to us for your department, etc.


What We’re Looking For:

  • News, Videos & Photos: Have a news tip, link or press release? Posted a great video on YouTube? Send it along to us ASAP and we will consider posting. Please include as much detail as possible.
  • Apparatus/Fleet: Send us one or more photos of one or more units, include make, model, year, any extra description, department name and location. The more photos per unit the better!
  • Incident Shots: Send one or more photos of fire, rescue and EMS incidents — include the department/location name, brief incident overview and date.
  • Crew Shots: We’ll be featuring crews regularly — include your department name and location, shift (if applicable) and any other information about the photo and why your crew should be showcased to the Firefighters Worldwide community.
  • Firehouse Kids: Have a great shot of your son/daughter at the firehouse, in your gear, newborn shot or otherwise? Send it along with your name, description and department name/location.
  • Tattoos/Body Art: Want to showcase your style? Send us one or more pics of YOUR body art/tattoos along with any meaning behind it — with your name (first name OK), location and any other information you’ve like to share.
  • Community Events/Fund Raising Having an Open House or Health event? Got a great shot of the fire truck and members interacting with the community at any event? Send one or more photos along with date, description, department name and location.
  • Around the Firehouse: Have something cool going on at the firehouse? Send us the pics along with department name, location and description.
  • The Firehouse/Department: We’ll be showcasing departments regularly, send us a selection of photos of your firehouse inside and out (including people & vehicles!), along with department name, location, web site URL, Facebook page link and more.
  • Patches & Seals We’ll be showcasing your department and unit patches regularly — please include the department/unit name and location.
  • More, More, More: Have a great fire service related photo to share? Something creative you’ve done with your phone, Instagram or otherwise? Send it along with a description, date, department name and any other relevant information.



Dallas Prudencio, aged four, follows his father Mark Prudencio to teach a class about Fire Safety to his older brother’s classroom. Firefighters Worldwide Fan Photo Submitted by Sonya Prudencio

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  • I would like to clear out something that is very important. My name is Zeyad Saqr and Saqr Family owns a company that provides fire and rescue services and a fire training school in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

    monthes ago some one says that hisname is Charles Brown wrote some negative post about our business in Saudi Arabia. We have some working with us and his name is Charles Brown and he wrote today the following:

    From: C. Brown Jr

    Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 2:00 PM

    To: Zeyad Saqr

    Subject: Re: Online ID Theft

    Let’s Start with Mr. Rashad:

    Everyone knows because I tell them that I like Mr. Rashad.
    Yes, he can be demanding and stubborn (but aren’t we all with certain
    things) but my history with him is that he is fair and understanding as well.
    He has a big heart (this is direct personal knowledge) and he is very
    family oriented and understands this. He assisted me, personally, by letting me
    leave early to go home to complete my marriage upon request and further
    assisted with all the details of getting this done by loaning me funds, etc.

    He’s often fun to sit with and discuss matters, as I’ve done with
    him plenty of times in the past. I see him as being knowledgeable in the
    fire service in many areas. He takes a personal interest in the day to
    day business of the academy and I feel that he is making strides in getting the
    academy where it should be.

    Mr. Zeyad:

    We work well together. I try to keep contact to a minimum
    except when necessary because of his schedule and mountain of work keeps him
    preoccupied. In working with him, I’ve always been able to come to an
    understanding or agreement on subjects. When we do have meetings, we
    bounce things off each other and come up with a decisive game plan to get the
    job done. He’s very knowledgeable, himself, of the fire service in many

    That’s all I can write about the family. I haven’t spent
    much time with anyone else, only in passing, so I don’t have a thought nor an
    opinion about anyone else.