Firefighters Hope to Crash Doritos’ Super Bowl Party

None of these firefighter/EMS themed commercials made the cut this year — but while you’re bored watching the blowout “big” game, we thought you’d enjoy them …

Several firefighters and fire departments are putting their heroic creativity to the test in a bid for huge payday in a national commercial contest. Jake Widgeon showcases the Showell Volunteer Fire Department in Worcester County, Maryland and Union Deposit, Pennsylvania’s submission below in the Dorito’s “Crash the Super Bowl” commercial sweepstakes. A third submission below showcases Colleton County, South Carolina responders. The contest has a grand prize of $1 million dollars.

Read More on Union Deposit’s submission at and

And check out this one submitted by Peter Guenther, showcasing Firefighters and EMS from Colleton County, South Carolina.

And while we’re on the commercial theme — here’s a recent Taco Bell commercial also featuring firefighters and lots and lots of fire.

Written by First Arriving


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