Former FDNY Firefighter Steve Buscemi Joins Bone Marrow Drive for Firefighter’s Son

Owen Hogan, via A Hero for Owen
Owen Hogan, via A Hero for Owen

Former FDNY Engine 55 firefighter Steve Buscemi, better known today as the star of HBO hit Boardwalk Empire, reminds us that being a firefighter never leaves a person’s life. The The actor participated in a bone marrow drive this week for Firefighter Tim Hogan’s two-year-old son, The Daily News reported.. Hogan’s son Owen has been diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, a potentially deadly blood issue. Hogan is a firefighter with Brooklyn’s Engine 216.

“The firefighting community is my family, so I just met Owen’s dad and he’s already a brother,” Buscemi told CBS Radio (listen to the report).

The bone marrow registration drive is taking place this week at the Friend of Firefighters offices in Brooklyn. While the organization searches for a match for Owen, anyone between 18 and 55 can take part in a quick cheek swap test to be added to a registry of bone marrow needs for many more in need.

For more information about Owen visit A Hero for Owen

Watch this video below of Buscemi and the cast of Boardwalk Empire doing a short promo for the Friends of Firefighters organization.

And another video of Buscemi promoting the organization after Hurricane Sandy.