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Amazing Video: Friends Save Kayaker, Caught on GoPro

While not firefighters specifically this video submitted by Barry Young shows how some very quick thinking rescuers who saved a kayaker in the United Kingdom recently.

On Saturday the 2nd of November James Bradley, Pete Henderon, Carl Ross, Mark Shackleton, Justin Gale, Mark Hardingham and Simon Morse were going for an afternoon paddle down the Lyn in Devon UK.

In one of the drops Mark Hardingham is pushed offline and becomes ‘vertically pinned’ with his body trapped and his head held underwater by the current! This GoPro clip shows the reactions of his friends who pull him out of this sticky situation just in time.

This video is a great reminder for us all of the unpredictable nature of whitewater and the importance of always paddling with good friends and carrying safety gear.

Video by Barny Young. For more information check out

Written by First Arriving


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