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New Video, Audio: Last Moments of the Granite Mountain Hotshots

CBS Morning News on Saturday included a report of the last transmissions of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, 19 brave and dedicated Wildland firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice battling the Yarnell Hill fire on June 30th near Prescott, Arizona.

Included in the video report (above) are the last photographs taken by the team about 30 minutes prior to the tragedy, and the last transmissions as the crew deployed its shelters.

“Yeah, I’m here with Granite Mountain Hotshots, our escape route has been cut off. We are preparing a deployment site and we are burning out around ourselves in the brush and I’ll give you a call when we are under the shelters. – Unnamed Granite Mountain Hotshot, June 30th”

The recordings, released Friday, were captured on a firefighter’s helmet cam who was some distance away when the fire overran the crew, Fox Phoenix reports (video below — use this link if having trouble viewing)

Longer Version of Audio w/Video via ABC15

Also on Friday, more than a dozen area residents filed legal claims related to the fire, Arizona Central reports. The claims for lost property and earnings, cite “negligence, carelessness and intentional misconduct” involving the county, town of Prescott and fire district, arguing coordination and planning could have prevented the extent of damage and death of the firefighters.

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