Rookie Tips for the First Day: The Top 10 List


We asked our Facebook fans to submit their tips for rookie firefighters on their first day — and the response was incredible. Here are our editors’ selections as the Top 10 Tips for the Rookie’s First Day. Some are fun, most are serious — and don’t forget to have them find the water hammer lubricant tucked away in the ladder cribbing arch immediately.

What tips would you have? Which are your faves? Post in the comments below.
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If you can’t figure out what needs to be cleaned, ask! (Submitted by Thomas Silvernail) — or as one user pointed out, clean EVERYTHING.
You can’t help in an emergency if you end up being an emergency. So be aware of your surroundings, watch your back and think before you act! Your safety takes precedence over EVERYTHING! (Submitted by Amy Jo McNeal)
When you are asked to pull a hose stretcher off the truck … you are the hose stretcher. (Submitted by Nate Guyer)
Learn how to make coffee, and pour it all morning. (Submitted by Ray Schultz)
Be humble. With knowledge comes confidence and ability. But that does not mean you will know it all or how it all applies. Things can become very different from training to the fire ground and there is always room for improvement. Theory is also different than experience, which will come. If someone offers you knowledge or their experience, even if it is something you have already learned, listen. There may be something you missed and repetition is always good. Learning is a life long effort and it takes a humble heart to realize this. (Submitted by Barrett LaJeunesse)
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The only firefighter you need to be better then is the one you were yesterday. (Submitted by Joseph Nanigian)
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The only stupid question is one not asked. (Submitted by Donald Green)
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Be Proud of what you doing, even in the rough times. (Submitted by Wendell Dauch)
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I’ll say what was told to me my first day from my Chief. “You were born with two ears and one mouth, so sit down, keep quiet and listen.” Between that and learning to love the humor that flies around the hall, you are set. (Submitted by Katie King)
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Remember why you came here. Remember who you came for. Remember who you are going home to. (Submitted by Jeremiah O’Brien-Smith)
See all the original suggestions on Facebook here and here.

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