Video: Elderly Driver Loses Control at Gas Station, Slams Into Attendant and Pump Igniting Fireball

SKY NEWS — An 83-year-old motorist crashed his car at a petrol station, sending an attendant flying and causing a fireball.

Surveillance camera footage shows the worker returning to his post between two pumps after putting fuel in a customer’s SUV.

Moments later, the Toyota Avalon driven by Ed Grace speeds into shot and veers towards the attendant, who ends up sprawled across the bonnet.

Mr Grace’s car also knocked over a petrol pump, with a fire breaking out at its base as the Toyota comes to a standstill.

The attendant was thrown around 30ft onto Main Street in Walpole, Massachusetts, and can be seen in the footage crawling towards the pavement.

The SUV speeds off to avoid the flames just before another employee rushes on to the forecourt and tries to put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

Mr Grace, a regular customer who lives less than a mile from the 1-A Auto Clinic, said the crash was a terrible accident.

He told WBZ-TV: “I pulled in to get gas. There was one car ahead of me. He pulled up and I went to go ahead. I tried to stop. My foot hit the gas pedal.”

Mr Grace has not been charged but police have impounded his car while they investigate the crash.

He said he has not had any recent issues behind the wheel, but will consider giving up his licence.

He said: “I don’t know. I may. I mean I’m just shook up today. I’m totally shook up. I’m still upset.”

Mr Grace said he hopes to apologise to the attendant who is in hospital in Norwood, but expected to fully recover from his injuries.

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AP Video/Screencap
AP Video/Screencap



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